Published Wednesday 21st November 2018

Carrie Ede first brought her creative talent to funeral ceremonies with arrangements of English flowers that covered the coffin in a garden of colour and decorated churches in a glow of blossom.​

Carrie said, ‘I think people are starting to feel more comfortable talking about death so when a friend asked if I would be interested in painting a coffin for someone it fired my imagination. I begin thinking about the ways people can make their funerals beautiful and uplifting. People have told me that my flower arrangements have helped to lighten the service and I hope that my coffins can do the same.’​

An example of Carrie’s work will be on display alongside jewellery, prints, paintings, pottery, sculpture, textiles and willow baskets at the Art at The Colloquy Christmas Exhibition near Lyonshall between Tuesday 27th November and Thursday 29th November.  ​

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