Published Thursday 12th October 2017

Members of Hope at St Michael’s opened up about how the death of a loved one has affected them, and how they remember that person.

Funded by Comic Relief, the short documentary, which was partly filmed at Grendon Court near Ross-on-Wye, allows viewers to understand the positive impact Hope at St Michael’s has made to those taking part.

It follows the success of a similar film last year called When They Died, also featuring members of Hope at St Michael’s.

‘I really enjoyed the filming,’ said Olly, one of the group’s members.

‘It’s good fun coming here. If the video helps anyone then it’s worthwhile; even if it’s just one person.’

Rhys, another member, said; ’I like being around my friends here.

‘It’s good knowing you share something with others who are going through the same thing.

‘It’s actually a very happy place to be.’

‘Shooting the video was great fun for everyone involved,’ said Emma Speedy, social worker with Hope at St Michael’s.

‘Those in the group have made friends with others here, and they enjoy meeting up like this on a regular basis.’

You can view the video here