Published Monday 17th July 2017

Ever wondered what that old picture ‘that’s been in the family for years’ might be worth? Perhaps the jewellery that Grandma left or your car boot bargain?

Well, now’s the time to find out. This Friday (21st), experts from Fielding’s Auctioneers of Stourbridge will be at St Michael’s Hospice to value items brought in by visitors during Antiques on the Terrace.

William Lacey, head of the picture department at Fielding’s, said; ‘We’ve found some amazing things in Herefordshire in the past.

‘In fact, my most valuable find ever came from a farmhouse just outside Hereford.

‘Up in the attic was a large painting that was so dirty it was difficult to see what it depicted. Despite its condition, the oil by equestrian artist John Wootton (1682-1764) sold for £326,000.

‘Valuation days are very exciting for us – we never know what will turn up.

‘Recently, a gentleman brought in a drawing by the Pre-Raphaelite artist Simeon Solomon. It had been sold as a print.

‘However, on a hunch that it might be an original, the gentleman brought it to us.

‘After considerable research and advice from The Simeon Solomon Foundation we could fully authenticate it and it went on to sell for £2,100.’

William said he was really looking forward to Friday’s valuation day.

‘We are going to charge £1 per item valued with a maximum of five items per person, though additional donations would be most welcome of course.

‘I know many people in the area appreciate the fantastic service that the Hospice gives. My father died recently and it was comforting to know that he was given the best care possible – it’s great to be able to give something back.’

William will be joined by Will Farmer, a familiar face from the BBC’s The Antiques Roadshow, and Nick Davies who regularly appears on Flog It!

‘We can’t promise you’ll be as fortunate as the owners of a Galle vase that was kept under the sink that sold for £12,000 or a Godwin table rescued from the tip which sold for £40,000 but you never know,’ added William.

Items will be valued between 11am – 3pm. Unfortunately, no items can be collected.

Pictured above are the Fielding’s valuers who will be at St Michael’s on Friday (from left) Nick Davies, William Lacey and Will Farmer, and the Simeon Soloman drawing which sold for £2,100.