Published Wednesday 23rd September 2015

The heroic band of daughters, sisters, wives, relatives and friends formed a river of sparkling light that weaved through Hereford’s city streets.

With their faces and t-shirts emblazoned with emotional messages dedicated to loved ones, the united gathering was cheered on by onlookers and honked by passing motorists.

Julie Morris, who took part for the third time, said, ‘It’s always a really well-organised event and great fun. This year the Glow Zone by the Victoria bridge was something I never expected and made being part of a group women who are remembering friends, even more special.’

Event Marshall, Simon Oliver who has been volunteering at Venus since it began in 2008 said, ‘Venus is a great event with a unique atmosphere. It’s always wonderful to see the expression on people’s faces who are having a night when they come across the awsome sight of so many women all.’

Now in it’s 8th year the Venus Midnight Walk hopes to raise £50,000 for St Michael’s Hospice and this event is only made possible thanks to the help and support of volunteers and local businesses.

Matt Ashcroft, Events Manager at St Michael’s, said, ‘What makes Venus an event close to the hearts of Hospice staff is having so many women of all ages come together to support their Hospice. It’s quite amazing to look out on 1,000 women having a great time. We’d now like to ask that everyone helps us by getting their sponsorship to us as soon as possible.’

More photo from the night can be seen by visiting the St Michael’s Hospice website and Facebook page.