Published Tuesday 18th July 2017

Four friends have embarked on an ambitious cycling fundraiser which will see them travel from the northern tip of Europe to its southernmost point.

Hereford-based brothers Sam Prestwich, 19, and 18-year-old James, along with Devon-based Alec Bain and Tom Pryor, both 20, are currently in Sweden as part of a 40-day adventure from Nordkapp in Norway to Tarifa, Spain.

The friends are raising money for St Michael’s Hospice in Bartestree, and Hospiscare in Devon.

They are travelling without a tent, just sleeping bags and a tarpaulin to sleep under.

‘The views are amazing, but it’s very cold,’ said Sam.

‘We are battling cold, wind and rain, with snow on the hills. To overcome this, we stopped at cafés to have a hot drink or just use their warmth.

‘We came across a church and found a door that opened. The heat was glorious. The vicar arrived and said we were welcome, so we settled down for a warm dry night.’

The group is now close to Stockholm having battled a near 3,000ft ascent over 20 miles in northern Norway.

As well as the elements, they have encountered the likes of elk and reindeers, but have been rewarded for their hard work by glimpsing breathtaking scenery.

‘The ride back to Honningsvag was awesome, the descents were incredible – 3km downhills – and I loved every second of it,’ said Alec.

‘It’s all going well so far. It’s cold but we’re all fine. It just makes you pedal harder.’

After passing through Sweden, the group will experience countries including Denmark, Germany, France and Spain.

In total, they will travel 3,600 miles.

Both Sam and James, from Brockhampton, know people who have been cared for by St Michael’s.

An auntie of theirs died of cancer and, although this wasn’t at St Michael’s, they say it has made them aware of the importance of family support and end-of-life care.

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The group also has a blog here