Published Friday 27th May 2016

My name is Marion Ryan. I am 81 years old and live in Pembridge Herefordshire. All my life I have had extremely good health – rarely taking medication of any kind.

Last September I was diagnosed with cancer throughout my body – I was shocked and gutted. The following few months I was in and out of hospital receiving treatment. In March 2016, the doctors asked if I would like a stay in the hospice because there was a nothing they could do for me at the hospital.

At this time, I felt so ill and remembering how everyone had praised the Hospice. I felt I had come to get better. I have been here in St Michael’s Hospice for six weeks. The first month I felt so very ill and extremely low. I hardly have any memory of how I felt during this time. I do remember the kindness, devotion and care I received from all the staff and doctors here. Words alone cannot express my gratitude to each and every one of them.

This last two weeks I have started to feel myself again and I am out of bed walking every day – off my oxygen and morphine. I have been told I can go home, the hospice will provide me with a special bed and aftercare, I cannot believe how well I feel.

Without St Michael’s Hospice, I do not know what would have become of me. As a Herefordian, I am so very proud we have such a facility here in Herefordshire, and all this is thanks to the generosity of the public.