Making St Michael’s feel like home

Dillwyn Gwilliam: 'I'm so glad I joined the homemakers'

Making patients and their loved ones feel comfortable and at ease is a vital part of life at St Michael’s Hospice.

On our Inpatient wing, a group of volunteers called homemakers help ensure this is achieved each and every day.

Dillwyn Gwilliam began the role just over a year ago and says he gets an enormous amount out of it.

‘I lost my wife, Linda, six years ago. She was at St Michael’s on several occasions, both in Day Hospice and on the Inpatient ward.

‘The homemakers I met when Linda was here were warm and welcoming. They really helped us feel at ease and I just thought, ‘That’s something I would like to do’.’

The volunteers work short shifts, helping staff serve meals, taking the tea trolley around, and talking to patients and their loved ones if they would like a chat.

‘I’m so glad I joined,’ he said.

‘The best thing about it is that each week I make a new friend, either with the patients, their friends or their family.

‘I think Homemakers help many people feel at ease.

‘I’ve always been a people person so it suits me down to the ground.’

Away from this role, Dillwyn helps people mark special occasions by releasing his white doves.

This can happen at weddings, funerals, and during special services held every three months at St Michael’s.

If you’re interested in becoming a Homemaker, particularly during weekends or early evenings, St Michael’s would love to hear from you.

Please contact Stephen Rabbitts on 01432 851 000.