Every family has their own unique situation and the Family Support Team will do everything they can to help them share precious family moments together.

Back in 2003, Diane Sullivan was unable to attend her daughter Aimee’s wedding to Mark Nelson. Aimee said, ‘It hurt me deeply that mum wasn’t able to be there for my wedding. A couple of weeks before mum was admitted to St Michael’s Hospice,
she had talked about wanting to do something to make up for us not being together on my special day.’

The family asked the Hospice if it would be possible to arrange a wedding blessing for Aimee and Mark, and a blessing for Aimee’s sister Rosie, who

is planning her marriage to Dan. The sisters wanted their mum to be a part of both their marriages.

Aimee said, ‘St Michael’s arranged the whole day for us; they cooked the food, ordered the flowers and hung the decorations. The blessing in the Hospice Chapel made everything perfect: years of planning couldn’t have made the day more special. It touched all of our hearts, and now my children have great memories of their Nan. The Hospice Communications Team even filmed the blessing and took family photographs, just like at a real wedding. I feel blessed that we had this opportunity; it has helped us to be at peace and come to terms with mum’s death.’

Rosie said, ‘It is comforting that mum was able to be there for my blessing. I know it meant a lot to her. She didn’t originally want to come to the Hospice, but after her first visit she completely changed her mind. The compassion

of the staff meant she was able to live every moment of her life in comfort. There were so many things for mum
to do, like mindfulness sessions, hypnotherapy and massage, things that make you feel special. We were even able to do some things together. St Michael’s didn’t just look after mum: they looked after all of us as a family.’

St Michael’s can make every moment meaningful for families because of the support of our local community. With our new building, we will be able to double the amount of care we can provide and continue to help families create their own special memories and have their own special days.