When St Michael’s physiotherapist Siobhan MacQuillan learned that India Wilkinson loved netball she used the sport as the inspiration to create a personalised rehabilitation programme. Time in the Hospice gym with Siobhan has helped Indi to live well and retain her independence.

Indi’s dad, Kester said, ‘I’ve worked with world-class athletes, and the thing that marks their physios apart is they don’t drown their clients in complexity. They simply look for the best posture and movement that’s possible at that moment in time. Siobhan is committed to the same thing.

‘No matter how Indi’s illness has progressed, Siobhan has constantly supported her to achieve the best stretches and movements possible. It’s helped Indi to feel like she is always moving forward, no matter what her symptoms. Siobhan’s professionalism and expertise have been a privilege to watch. It is one of the things that creates St Michael’s positive forward thinking environment.’