Published Thursday 5th March 2015

Team coach Paul Flitney said, ‘Because a few of our members, recently and in the past, have had tremendous support from St Michael’s Hospice, we thought it made perfect sense to contact the Hospice

and ask if they would agree to us having St Michael’s logo on our kit. We were thrilled when they said yes, and all the boys in the squad love it. Also, supporters on the touchline are always commenting on how nice the logo looks. We are very proud of our new kit and it’s inspiring the team to play well in the league.’

Everyone at St Michael’s Hospice is thrilled to bits about having our very own football team, and staff were very pleased to hear they have already won the indoor futsal league.

If anyone would like to support the Ross Juniors under 8’s, the players and officials would be happy for people come and watch a match. You can also support

the club financially by buying a cup of coffee in the clubhouse or by making a donation. The team would also be very keen to hear from anyone who would like to volunteer or offer his or her coaching services.

Contact coach Paul Flitney on 01989 762957 for more details or to volunteer.