What do you think of your Hospice?

We always welcome comments about everything we do at St Michael’s Hospice.

Whether it’s a suggestion, compliment or complaint, your feedback helps us make sure we are doing the best we can and continue to improve the service we offer you. Also, if a problem arises this enables us to put it right quickly.

Comments and compliments
To make a comment or suggestion, please either talk to a member of staff or write to us using the contact details overleaf. You can also use the comment boxes which are located throughout St Michael’s Hospice.

What to do if you have a complaint
If you have concerns about any of the things we do, then please speak to a member of staff immediately. They can usually sort things out straight away. If they can’t, they may need to refer your concern to a department manager and involve other members of staff to resolve the issue.
You may wish to put your concerns in writing. If so, please write to us at:

Quality and Compliance Team
St Michael’s Hospice

or email quality@smhospicehereford.org

What happens next?
If we can’t resolve your complaint immediately or more detail is needed, we may need to investigate. This will be overseen by a senior member of staff. We will write to you within two working days of receiving your complaint to tell you how we are going to deal with it.
The senior member of staff involved with your complaint may, if appropriate, invite you to attend a meeting to discuss particular issues. If you do not receive this offer but feel a meeting would be beneficial, please ask us.
Once we have completed the investigation, we will write to tell you about our findings and the action we propose to take. You should expect to receive this within 20 working days from receipt of your complaint. If the investigation is likely to take longer than this, we will still write to you within 20 working days to explain the delay and tell you when you can expect a final resolution.
If you are not happy with the response you receive, please contact our Quality and Compliance Team who will provide you with a copy of the Hospice complaints policy and procedure, which has details of the process to follow in these circumstances.
Your feedback helps us provide better care.
We promise that if you make a complaint, it will not in any way affect the care or support you receive from us.