Recycled goods

St Michael's Hospice raises valuable funds from recycling all sorts of unwanted and un-saleable items



Some items are sold to organisations that send what we class as rubbish to Third World countries; some items are sold for parts, some items are sold for recycling. We aim to minimise waste as much as possible, both to make as much money as we possibly can from all your donations and to keep waste out of landfill.

We encourage you to bring in donations of certain items specifically for recycling. We also sell other types of materials for recycling (for example wooden furniture that hasn’t sold), although we are currently unable to take these items purely for recycling.

The four St Michael’s Hospice’s Home & Living Stores manage our recycling schemes and you can take donations to these venues. You can also take your donations to a Hospice shop. If you are unable to bring your donation to us, please call your nearest Home & Living Store and we will arrange to come and collect it.

Thank you for your support.

Clothes and textiles: Find out how St Michael’s can raise funds from unwanted clothes and textiles
Mobile phones: Find out how St Michael’s Hospice can make money from your old mobile phones
Rags: Bag up all your worn out fabrics for St Michael’s to sell
Shoes: Find out how your unwanted shoes can make a real difference
Stamps: Your stamps can make pounds for St Michael’s

To find out more call:

Leominster Home and Living Store
01568 620 568

01989 565 190

01432 842 759 or 01432 356 363