Published Friday 5th June 2015

Inspired by a presentation by St Michael’s staff during a school assembly, the children decided that rather than organising a Big Tea event at their school, they wanted to take a tea party to the Hospice.
Molly Smith, a pupil at St Richard’s, said,  ‘We wanted to raise money for the Hospice and say well done to the volunteers for doing a brilliant job. So, we asked friends and family to sponsor us to bake cakes and plan a special Big Tea event at the Hospice.  It was a lot of fun choosing the different recipes, waiting on patients, staff and volunteers and hearing their stories. I think people’s favorite treat was the chocolate-covered flapjacks.’
Fred De Falbe, Headteacher at St Richard’s School, commented, ‘I have introduced a bereavement policy at the school because I think it’s important that we help children understand about death and dying.  I also have an interest in architecture, and it has been fascinating to see inside the new Hospice building. It’s easy to appreciate just how much thought has gone into the new development and how the Hospice helps people of all ages.’
Ruby Nicoll, an inpatient staying at St Michael’s, said, ‘The children have been marvelous, making different cakes and serving us tea. Children don’t always understand what happens in a Hospice, so this has given them insight and knowledge.  The Hospice is a wonderful place and being waited on by all the delightful children has been a moment to treasure.’
As well as bringing smiles to patients’ faces, and after match funding from Barclays Bank, the St Richard’s Big Tea party has raised £1,048 for St Michael’s Hospice.
Gaynor Warren, Big Tea Coordinator at St Michael’s Hospice, said, ‘ One group of very special volunteers at the Hospice are the Home Makers. They are an army of kind-hearted people who lovingly provide comfort to patients and families during one of the most difficult times in their lives. Having the children recognise the importance the work they do, and to thank them by waiting on them for a change, is wonderful. This summer, we have been asking people to support their Hospice by organising a fundraising tea party. We have people planning events of all sizes in all sorts of venues, but this is the first time we have had people choose to do their event at the Hospice.’
For more information about organising your own Big Tea event this summer, call Gaynor Warren at St Michael’s Hospice on 01432 851000
Photo: St Richard’s School children put on a Big Tea with staff, patients and volunteers at St Michael’s Hospice)