Published Thursday 4th June 2015

Nickatie DiMarco, Inreach Manager atSt Michael’s, said, ‘Involving the local community is a very important part of what we do and this project has provided lots of valuable opportunities for the school and our patients.’

St Mary’s Headteacher Clive Lambert said, ‘I’ve had a personal experience at St Michael’s and so have many of my staff and pupils. This project seemed like a perfect opportunity for staff and students to learn more about the care and support the Hospice provides for the community, and the response from students has been remarkable. Working inside the Hospice has helped change how the children think, and has taught them about people and relationships. We have all learned that the Hospice is a bright and friendly place filled with life.’

One of the highlights of this project came from two inventive students, Wiktoria Lewandoeska and Charlie Neale who enjoyed working alongside day patient Peter Hammersley. Wiktoria said, ‘We wanted to say thank you to Peter and I had seen a post on Instagram about how to make stardust. It made me think of Peter and I wanted to make some especially for him. I hope he wishes on his pot of stardust and it brings him lots of good luck.’

Art teacher Phillipa Anderson said, ‘We want to create a collaborative artwork inspired by Mark Rothko. The result looks great and the enthusiasm has been infectious, the energy levels in the room increased every week.’

The finished artwork will be shown at St Mary’s High School, the Hospice and The Courtyard in Hereford later this year.