Published Wednesday 13th July 2016

When I first came to St Michael’s Hospice I was unable to walk after colorectal surgery.

On the second day I was here, I knew within that I had to get out of my bed, otherwise I was finished.

The nurses – those I call my guardian angels – sensed my vision.

They knew how my spirit needed to soar and rise up from my bed.

My vision became their vision.

They became such a powerful, immense force in my healing process.

On the second day, my guardian angels got me to stand up.

From that first wobbly, shaky standing position, I gradually began to dare to dream; dream that after only three-and-a-half weeks I would be able to walk out of St Michael’s Hospice using nothing more than crutches.

My dream had also become their dream.

More than anything, walking out of St Michael’s Hospice after three-and-a-half weeks has changed my world.

The world is no longer a place to be feared. It has become a tender, loving, holy place.

I now go outside to the garden and breathe in the beauty and magic of the world.

I watch the plants as they reach skyward in surrender to whatever the heavens bring.

I have reached a state of grace and peace.

All is well in my world. And that is everything.

Thank you, St Michael’s Hospice.