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Summer 2022. Think fun. Think St Michael’s Hospice Paint Runner.

Soak up the summer spirit on Saturday 18th June by drenching your family in colour along our easy five-kilometre course featuring a number of paint stations.

Details to be confirmed in due course

Details to be confirmed in due course

What is the paint made of?
The powder paint is made from natural corn starch and is non-toxic, 100% safe and biodegradable. The dye is food grade tested, and although you can eat it, we strongly advise not to (not least because it won’t be tasty).

How do we get clean after?
At the finish line you can give yourself a good dusting off to remove most of the powder. You won’t be 100% clean, but you will be able to remove most of the paint. We recommend that you leave a towel in your car to cover your seat, or spare clothes to put on top of your running gear to ensure you get as little paint as possible on your seat. There are changing facilities provided by Halo (St Michael’s Hospice cannot be held responsible for any damage or paint getting on participants, vehicles, public transport or private property).

Can we bring Ipods, etc?
You can, but St Michael’s Hospice cannot accept responsibility for them. There will be plenty of entertainment throughout the course for you and we’ll have a photographer to upload some bright snaps of the day on Facebook.

Safety measures
If you have a skin allergy or respiratory condition we would recommend that you don’t take part or that you consult your doctor for advice. For little ones, we recommend wearing a mask or bandana just to be on the safe side! Runners are asked to wear their sunglasses over their eyes at all times throughout the event.

Spectators are very welcome to join us. We do advise spectators to keep a good distance from the Paint Stations as we cannot accept responsibility for them accidently being showered in powder paint.