Published Friday 17th November 2017

The Mijen Dance Club was set-up 20 years ago by Mike Evans and his wife, Jenny.

The couple soon realised the group would be a good way to raise money for a wide range of charities.

Sadly, Jenny died 11 years ago but Mike and the rest of the 70-strong group continued to collect for good causes, including St Michael’s Hospice.

To date, almost £50,000 has been collected for a variety of charities.

The group meets twice a week for ballroom sequence dancing, at Shobdon School Hall and Aymestrey Village Hall.

‘We have been supporting St Michael’s since 2012,’ said Mike.

‘About £5,700 has been raised for the Hospice in that time.

‘Every year we ask members which charities they would like to support the following year and St Michael’s is always popular. The Hospice is one of three charities we are currently raising money for.’

A lot of the funds are raised through prize draws, with two raffles held by club members each week.

‘It’s very much a friendship club,’ added Mike.

‘People make a lot of new friends here.’

Six members, including Mike, visited St Michael’s for a tour of the facilities.

If you or your group would like to do the same, call St Michael’s on 01432 851 000 and ask for Ruth Denison.