Published Friday 16th June 2017

If any of us are ‘lucky’ enough to experience temperatures hitting 50C, it’ll probably be while relaxing abroad on holiday.

But for fundraiser Sarah Jenkins she’ll be battling the temperature while running the equivalent of six marathons in six days, and all in one of the most hostile environments on Earth – the Sahara Desert.

The brave fundraiser is tackling the Marathon des Sables.

Known as The Toughest Foot Race on Earth, the race will see Sarah run 150 miles in just six days.

The adventure is part of her 40th birthday celebrations and she hopes to raise £2,000 for her Hospice.

She calls it her ‘ultimate bucket list event’.

‘I’ll be covering 150 miles over 6 days, including one day of at least 50 miles, in the beautiful, but brutal sand dunes of the Sahara desert,’ she says.

‘Oh, and it will be 50 degrees and I will be carrying all my own equipment, including food, for the week.

‘Given the scale of this adventure it seemed selfish not to use this opportunity to raise some money for our fabulous local hospice.’

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