Published Wednesday 16th November 2022

We love the Late Risers fundraising group – and we adore the story behind the name just as much.

Each year, the group of farmers meets for a slap-up meal, auction and general chit chat. 

They give the proceeds to us, with the current total standing at around £80,000 following a £5,000 cheque gathered at this year’s bash.

The name derives from a trip to Edinburgh made by Herefordshire cattle breeder Trevor Parker in the 1970s.

He meant to attend a sale but overslept having overindulged the previous night. 

The group was then formed, and Mr Parker designed a badge representing a clock set at 11.30am and with two matchsticks propping it up.

The sole purpose was to raise money for charity. 

Pictured seated is Trevor’s son, James (left), and John from the Late Risers, and Emma, one of our Healthcare Assistants.