Published Friday 24th June 2016

The idea for the bum-numbing fundraiser came from Hospice Angel David Baker, who was inspired by previous motorcycling events which have seen the group of bikers raise over £360,000 for their Hopsice.

Lead Angel Mike Pullin, who formed the group in 2003, said, ‘This was no ordinary challenge, anyone who has ridden a motorcycle for just 300-miles might be able to imagine just how difficult a journey of this length can be. All who took part have my deepest respect, and wish I was a few years younger and had the stammer to complete such and incredible trip.’

For 2016 the Hospice Angels have set a target of raising £80,000 for St Michael’s Hospice. The end-to-end daylight ride has already raised over £5,000 and puts their total so far for the year at over £35,000.

Event coordinator David Baker said, ‘It has been a massive privilege to ride with the Hospice Angels. It was the toughest of days, and everybody rode with great spirit and camaraderie. Even the most experienced of riders would have been exhausted after a demanding ride like this. Seeing everyone arrive with huge smiles was emotional and very moving. I am proud of all my fellow riders; they have achieved something very special in supporting their Hospice.’

The Angels were greeted at John o” Groats by St Michael’s Hospice CEO Mike Keel. Mike said, “I would like to offer my maximum respect and admiration for all of the brave and hardy Angels who took part in this extraordinary event. Because of their support, St Michael’s can continue providing the best possible care for local families affected by terminal illness.’

The Hospice Angels will be continuing with their fundraising efforts this weekend with a collection at Morrisons in Hereford on Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th June. They will also be escorting Lady Darnley into Ledbury as part of the celebrations for Armed Forces Day on Saturday 25th June and collect donations for St Michael’s Hospice at Shobdon Food and Flyers Festival on Sunday 26th June.

The Angels who took part in the adventure were: David Baker, Paul Beal, Phil Burden, Richard Burman, Alex Ensor, Ann Evans, Nigel Gadsden, Andy Groom, Simon Perring, Eddie Perring, Mike Privett, James Robinson, Paul Rogers, Andy Smithers, Julian Wild and Kennie Wilce who celebrated his 66th birthday on the day of the trip.

If you would like to find out more about the Hospice Angels, please call Mike Pullin on 07454 155 411 or Debbie Smithers on 01432 275 663

Photo caption:
Hospice Angels at John o’Groats l-r: Andy Smithers, David Baker, Ann Evans, Nigel Gadsden, Julian Wild, James Robinson, Paul Beale, Andy Groom, Richard Burman, Paul Rogers, Eddie Perring, Kennie Wilce, Mike Privett, Phil Burden and Simon Perring.