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Enhanced Communication Skills Training (ECST)

Enhanced Communication Skills Training – with role playing exercises – provides participants with practical experience and feedback, enabling them to enhance their communication skills and become more effective communicators in various professional contexts.

Aimed at any healthcare staff where communication is an essential aspect of their role. This workshop suits those who benefit from experiential learning as role play will be the main method of learning.

For senior staff (Doctors, senior clinical staff etc.) looking for a more in-depth approach with the actor model, please see our 2-day Advanced Communication Skills Course.

Here’s an overview of what training will entail

A brief review of existing communication skills will be sent prior to the course for learners to review and identify their personal learning objectives. This will include fundamental communication principles such as active listening, empathy, clarity, assertiveness and challenges to communication.

During the workshop attendees will identify their specific learning objectives and challenging communication aspects. This will form the basis of the workshop agenda.

Role-Playing Scenarios: Throughout the training, participants engage in role-playing exercises designed to simulate common workplace scenarios. These scenarios may include patient/family interactions, team meetings, performance reviews, and difficult conversations. Role-playing allows participants to apply newly learned skills in a safe environment and receive feedback from peers and trainers.

Reflection and Feedback: After each role-playing exercise, participants reflect on their interaction and receive feedback from peers and trainers. This feedback helps reinforce learning and identifies areas for improvement.

Action Planning: At the end of the training, participants develop action plans outlining specific steps they will take to apply their newfound communication skills in the workplace. These plans may include setting goals, seeking out opportunities for practice.

Please note, to maintain safety and optimise learning opportunities this workshop will be limited to a maximum of six participants.

Course Details
31 July 2024, 09:00 – 16:30
Course type:
Communication Skills
St Michael's Hospice, Bartestree, Hereford, HR1 4HA
Length of course:
1 Day