Published Tuesday 20th June 2017

A bottle of Herefordshire cider produced more than 40 years ago has added another chapter to its vintage following a six-week adventure to the other side of the world.

The 1973 Bulmers ‘Champagne’ Pomagne raised £350 for St Michael’s Hospice having been bought by New Zealand resident Trevor FitzJohn following an online auction.

But he had to wait a little longer than anticipated for the famous apple-based drink after Customs officials in New Zealand requested the cider’s alcohol percentage, something which wasn’t readily printed on drink labels in the early 70s.

However, following helpful advice from Bulmers’ owners, Heineken, the bottle finally found its way to Mr FitzJohn, a former UK resident and collector of cider memorabilia, who is pictured with the drink outside The Beehive, New Zealand’s Parliament building in Wellington.

The bottle had kindly been donated to St Michael’s by Hereford resident Eric James following a similar auction by Alice Kate whose bottle of Bulmers Pomagne was bought by Heineken for £750.