Published Wednesday 15th April 2015

After nine years at the helm, Nicky’s vision has helped to transform the provision of palliative care in Herefordshire. One of her biggest contributions was the development and implementation of a ‘Hospice at Home’ service which has brought together different healthcare providers to help people to continue living well at home for as long as possible.

With more people in the community needing more care, Nicky knew the old Hospice building, first opened in 1984, was in need of a major redevelopment. Now after a £11.3million redevelopment appeal, the completion of the first phase of the new Inpatient Unit and the refurbishment of the old building well underway, Nicky has carefully chosen this time to announce her intention to stand down as Hospice CEO.

Jean Fisher, Head of Education at St Michael’s Hospice said, ‘It’s virtually impossible to capture the spirit of Nicky. Her vision and motivational leadership have helped shape a Hospice that offers so much more than just nursing and medicine. She has an instinctive understanding of what is needed and the tenacity to get stuck into the nitty-gritty to make things happen.’

Hospice Trustees Chairman Alister Walshe stated, ‘Nicky is going to be deeply missed by staff, trustees and our supporters. She had the determination and foresight to bring together the team of people needed to build a world-class Hospice. Working alongside her on the Redevelopment has been one the most challenging projects I have ever been involved with, but thanks to Nicky it has ultimately been one of the most rewarding. It’s been an honor to work alongside someone who is so determined and passionate about palliative care.’

Nicky West said, ‘I am incredibly privileged to have worked with a team of truly wonderful people. I know how important St Michael’s Hospice is to the local community and my inspiration has always come from the thousands of people who have supported their Hospice in so many inspiring ways. I would like to thank everyone who has helped make St Michael’s Hospice a place of light and love and I know that with so many truly exceptional people involved it will continue to care for local families for generations to come.’

Nicky will continue to lead the organisation through the final phase of the Redevelopment and will leave the organisation later this year after a suitable replacement has been found.