Latest on Hospice Services (updated 16th April)

An update on the services provided to our patients and their families

We want you to know that our aim during the Coronavirus pandemic is to maintain our services as far as possible to support our patients and families and the people caring for them.

We are changing our ways of working in some services to protect our vulnerable patients and to maintain a healthy workforce to provide the services.

The Hospice is a precious resource for people needing palliative care and this group of patients will remain our priority.

The Coordination Hub
This remains our Single Point of Access for all hospice services, including advice and support, and they will direct you accordingly. Please phone 01432 852080.

Inpatient Unit
This remains open but there are visitor restrictions which you can read about by clicking here. Our usual referral and admission criteria remains the same i.e. professionals to contact the Coordination Hub on 01432 852080.

Hospice at Home
We are maintaining service as normal, ensuring that patients, families and staff members are kept safe whilst adhering to the national guidance.

Medical Outpatients and Palliative Medical Domiciliary visits
Patients are being offered a telephone consultation if they prefer but selected face-to-face consultations remain an option for people without Coronavirus symptoms where necessary and dependent on capacity.

Specialist Palliative Telephone Advice
This service is unchanged and contact is via the Coordination Hub on 01432 852080.

Supportive and Rehabilitative Care
During this difficult time, we aim to maintain support for patients and their families. We currently provide the following services (these may be updated in line with government guidance):

  • The Counselling Team and Listening Volunteers are providing support by telephone and are continuing to take referrals. All bereavement groups have stopped for the time being. However, St Michael’s hosts a closed Facebook group for supportive conversations between families, patients and people connected to St Michael’s. Search ‘St Michaels Hospice Community Forum’ on Facebook to request to join.
  • The Social Work Team continues to provide people with both emotional and practical support through the use of telephone, email, text and video links. We will continue to link with voluntary and statutory agencies to access the support you need. Please contact Elaine and Heather on 01432 852628/852636 and Shirley (Hospice Community Social Worker) on 01432 852650.
  • The Complementary Therapy Team is unable to see patients face to face. However we are still here, and if patients and family members would like support or help with relaxation and grounding, please leave us a message on 01432 852 648 and we will get back to you when we can. The Team has also put together a selection of videos that people may find useful. Click here to watch.
  • The Spiritual Care Team are using telephone calls to continue providing spiritual, emotional and listening support for patients and families. The Team also offers support to staff and volunteers, along with our counselling and complementary therapy colleagues. Contact us on 01432 852606.
  • The Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Team continue to work clinically with inpatients at St Michael’s Hospice. Offering hands-on rehabilitation, symptom management and discharge planning for those patients who are keen to return home. We are unable to offer Outpatient Physiotherapy in our gym; however, we are continuing to provide support and advice to current patients via telephone. The Fatigue and Breathlessness (FAB) Groups are currently not running although we are happy to receive referrals via our hub for future groups (Tel 01432 852 080).

Day Services
Due to the vulnerability of multiple patients attending a group session, these have been suspended but our Day Hospice Sister is keeping in contact with patients to triage any need and arrange for the appropriate professional to contact them for support or access to other services.

We continue to work closely with the Community and Hospital Specialist Palliative Care Teams.