Published Monday 25th September 2017

Herefordshire’s long association with blacksmithing will be brought into focus next month when members of the public are given the chance to contribute to an artwork that will live on at their Hospice.

The would-be forgers are invited to spend half an hour in one of six hot metal forges which will be in Hereford’s High Town on 20th – 22nd October.

During this time, people have the opportunity to forge a Ginkgo leaf which will be added to a seated garden arbour that is to be housed permanently at St Michael’s Hospice.

The Ginkgo tree has symbolic meaning, representing strength, hope and resilience because they can live for up to 1,000 years.

Those taking part can do so safe in the knowledge they will be guided every step of the way by a trained blacksmith.

‘It will be an exciting three days, and we’re really looking forward to it,’ said Ambrose Burne, a renowned artist blacksmith who has his own business and teaches on the Artist Blacksmithing BA at Hereford College of Arts.

‘I have made the basic structure and now the public have the chance to join in and forge leaves to add to the canopy. Each leaf counts, just as each person does.’

The three-day workshop is part of Ferrous2017 – a three-week blacksmithing festival which is a partnership between Hereford BID and Hereford College of Arts.

After the festival, the bench will be moved to St Michael’s in Bartestree to form part of a memorial garden.

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