Published Thursday 15th January 2015

Inspired by this honor the Angels are keen to invite new members to enjoy being part of a community motorcycle group and, if they wish, helping to fundraise for St Michael’s.

In 2014 the Angels beat all previous amounts by raising a whooping £30,000 in celebration of St Michael’s Hospice 30th Anniversary.

Unprecedented local community support helped the Angels raise money from a wide range of activities including, showcases featuring local talent, the Riding with Angels annual Vintage Summer party, talks to local community groups, Christmas card sales and local shoppers digging deep and generously giving over £1,000 during the Angels December street collection in Hereford High Town.

‘Arch Angle’ Mike Pullin said, ‘The support we have received has been truly amazing and I am constantly greeted by well-wishers wanting to make very generous donations to their local Hospice.’

Mike and his band of bikers are now very keen to hear from anyone who would like to get involved, ‘it’s not just about the fundraising but also meeting up with like minded people and going for ride-outs at home or even abroad’ said Mike.

Anyone interested in getting involved can contact Mike Pullin on 07454 155411 for more details.