Published Monday 7th November 2016

Megan was admitted to St Michael’s Hospice on Wednesday 2nd November 2017 with pneumonia and a dying bowel.

Our nurses listened to her sister Brianna’s love of horses and how it is only equalled by the love she has for her sister.

So, Hospice Day Services Manager Nickatie Dimarco brought her horse Honey in to meet Megan and Brianna.

Their mum Louisa said, ‘Brianna loves her sister, but she struggles to show it. Her autism means she is picture fixated. By creating an opportunity to have a photo of her and Megan with something she loves like a horse means she will have this picture for the rest of her life.
‘It will be like a memory box and because Brianna will lock an emotion into the image, it will enable her to remember the joyous love of her sister, and that will help her to cope.

‘The Hospice is the only place this could happen. It is giving her the space and support she needs to say goodbye to Megan in her way. Staff intuitively understand that Brianna is not just defined by her autism.’

Photo 1 l-r: Louisa, Gordon, Nickatie Dimarco, Honey, Brianna and Megan.
Photo 2: Brianna with Honey