Happy Couple ask for Hospice donations in lieu of wedding presents

A newly-married couple with no need for a ‘new toaster’ asked their wedding guests to make donations to St Michael’s Hospice.

Sharon and Andrew Townend both experienced the care provided by staff at St Michael’s when their previous partners were diagnosed with cancer and died at the Hospice.

Sharon, who first met Andrew about two years, said, ‘Being able to speak about the loss of my husband Ron brought Andrew and I closer and closer. It makes a difference talking to someone who has been through similar experiences.’

Sharon and Andrew married at Brobury House and Gardens on Saturday 22nd June and celebrated the day together with around 60 guests who together donated over £500 to St Michael’s.

Previously, the romance helped raise over £800 when after moving in together, and with almost two of everything, they used Gift Aid to donate pre-loved items to St Michael’s.

Andrew, who lost his two previous partners, Julie and Jo, to cancer, said, ‘Staff at St Michael’s have been fantastic. It’s not just about the care they gave to our partners; it’s also the ongoing care they have given to our families and us.’

Everyone at St Michael’s would like to wish Andrew and Sharon a long and happy marriage and send a heartfelt thank you for all their support.