Volunteer stories

Making St Michael’s feel like home

Dillwyn Gwilliam: 'I'm so glad I joined the homemakers'

Kington Hospice Shop: to eBay and Beyond!

Kington Hospice Shop is a vital part of their local community and a regular part of the online auction house community, too

Leominster Volunteers: the Many Sides to Volunteering

Following their amazing Pound Sale in January, volunteers at Leominster's Home & Living Store discuss their important roles

Volunteers: the Lifeblood of the Hospice

With seventeen charity shops across Herefordshire, St Michael’s Hospice welcomes a wide variety of volunteers.

Something worth writing about: a story by Vicky Hay

Having just moved to Herefordshire, one of the first places I heard about that really stood out was St Michael's Hospice. Offering my writing skills, I decided to find out about volunteering -  a perfect way to meet new people and get involved in community activities. 

When motorcycles and planes are not enough

When Frank Edgar retired from his career as a professional airline instructor, he didn’t want just to stop working. His wife Rosemary, a Cardiac Physiologist, also felt she wanted a new challenge. They both fulfilled that challenge by volunteering for St Michael’s Hospice.

Frank and Rosemary Edgar