Be a collector/canvasser

St Michael’s Hospice weekly lottery provides a vital source of predictable income, raising over £3 million since it began in 2000

Like many other parts of St Michael’s, volunteers play a vital role in the success of the Lottery. We have volunteer collectors and canvassers who are out and about around Herefordshire, promoting the Lottery and collecting membership fees.


Many members pay their membership fees by cash and we rely on volunteers to collect this and send it in to the Lottery Team. We currently have approximately 65 ’rounds’ around Herefordshire of between six to one hundred and thirty people. Collectors can be assigned as many rounds as they wish and will be responsible for collecting membership money every four weeks and sending it to the Hospice.


Volunteer canvassers are vital to growing the St Michael’s Hospice Lottery. Canvassers go door-to-door in their neighbourhood to promote the Lottery and sign up new members. In many cases, canvassers also collect membership fees from members they have previously signed up.

If you would like more information on becoming a Lottery Collector/Canvasser, please call the Lottery Team on 01432 851000