Guess 2 Give

We’re always looking for new and exciting ways to add fun to your fundraising, and now we’ve teamed up with Guess2Give so you can set up a sweepstake online for anything from running a marathon to sporting events such as The Grand National.

The beauty of using sweepstakes to fundraise is that everyone has the chance to win the cash prize, so you can get more people involved in your fundraising: everyone likes the chance to win as well as doing their bit for charity. It only takes two minutes to set up your sweepstake at

Anything can now become a sweepstakes fundraising event. Whether it’s guessing the length of a best man’s speech, the weight of all the fish on a fishing weekend, or how fast you can complete your triathlon. The possibilities are endless and we really enjoy seeing how inventive you can be!

How it works: If you were running a marathon, you’d ask friends to guess how long it would take. You could set the price of each guess at £5 or £10 with £1 or £2 going into the prize fund. The person who guesses closest to your marathon time wins the Prize Fund.

The challenge of guessing the result, the ensuing banter on social media and the chance to win engages everyone, but the main winner is always the charity.