Money Matters

It’s important to keep track of the donations you receive and keep a close eye on your costs. Using a simple income/expenditure record will help: we have a downloadable version you can use (see below).

Keep your costs as low as possible by asking suppliers for a reduced rate or for free. Don’t be tempted to spend more than you really need to: the more you spend, the less comes to St Michael’s. If you are selling tickets, think about a realistic price to charge. Too high and people may not come, too low and you’ll lose income.

Gift Aid

Gift Aid is a government scheme that lets charities claim back the basic rate of tax on every pound donated.This means that for every £1 you raise, St Michael’s receives £1.25 at no cost to you or your supporters. To claim back Gift Aid, we need the donor’s full name, address and postcode, so remember to use a Gift Aid Declaration form or sponsorship form, or request Gift Aid envelopes from the Fundraising Team.

You can download our Gift Aid Declaration form from this page (see below).

Matched Giving

Ask your employer to match the amount you raise. This is called Match Giving, and is a tax efficient way for companies to give to charity. They save tax, you double your total!

Remember to collect all the donations promised to you!

This may sound obvious, but many people feel guilty about asking people to hand over what they have promised.

We advise that you collect your donations as soon as your activity has taken place, if not before, as collecting after the event can be much harder and a lot slower. Keep a record of all donations so you don’t lose track.

How to send us your money

Cash flow is critical for the day-to-day running of the Hospice. When you have collected your money, the sooner we receive it the sooner it will help our patients and their families.
If you have an online fundraising page, the money you raise will be sent to us automatically so you don’t have to do a thing.

You can download our paying-in slip from this page (see below).

By Post

You can download our paying-in slip from this page (see below).
Send a cheque or postal order made payable to St Michael’s Hospice along with a paying-in slip to:
St Michael’s Hospice Fundraising, Bartestree, Hereford HR1 4HA

If you have been sent a fundraising pack, you’ll already have a paying-in slip.

By Phone
Call the Community Fundraising Team on 01432 851000 to make a payment with a credit or debit card.

By Bank Transfer
Make a payment directly into our bank either online or at any high street bank or post office. Contact the Community Fundraising Team for our bank details.

In Person
You can bring cash to the Fundraising Team at the Hospice in Bartestree, or to any of our 17 Hospice Shops and Home and Living Stores. Please seal all money in a secure money bag with a paying-in slip, and remember to ask for a receipt.

You can download our paying-in slip from this page (see below).

Thank you for supporting St Michael’s Hospice. Every penny you raise helps the people of Herefordshire and surrounding counties.