Keep it safe and legal

Fundraising is fun, but we want you and your supporters to be safe

Here are some things to bear in mind:

Risk Assessment

When involving the wider public, you are required by law to ‘protect people as far as reasonably practical’. It’s important to carry out a basic assessment of any potential risks associated with your fundraising activity, and identify things you can do to alleviate those risks. Download our risk assessment template to get you started (see below).

Food safety

Serving food is a good way of raising money, but you’ll need to follow the latest food safety and hygiene legislation to be sure you’re not putting anyone at risk.


You may need a licence or permit if you are going to provide alcohol, hold a raffle or auction, collect in the street or put up banners or signs in a public place.


Try to get permission from anyone that you take a picture of. You will need permission, ideally in writing, from parents before taking photos of children, and for all photos you publish.

First Aid Cover

Consider whether you will need first aid cover and if you need to notify the Police or Fire Service in advance of your event.

Handling Money

Have a witness when you count money, store it securely and get a receipt when you hand it over.


Think about whether you need insurance and check that your venue has public liability insurance.

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