Do Something For Sponsorship

Asking people to sponsor you for doing something out of the ordinary is a great way to raise money for St Michael’s and fulfill a lifelong ambition

Have a look at our Events page to see what sponsored activities we organise. Our A-Z of Fundraising Ideas might give you some additional inspiration.

Whatever you chose to do, here are our top five tips for getting the most out of your fundraising:

1. Use a sponsorship form: The Fundraising Team can help you design a personalised sponsorship form, or you can download a generic sponsorship form from the link on this page. Personalised forms often help raise more, because they tell people why you are raising money. You can also include a photo if you are raising money in memory of someone special. Keep your sponsorship form on you at all times: you never know when you might bump into someone who will sponsor you!

2. Create an online fundraising page: online fundraising pages such as Givey, JustGiving and so on are the most cost-effective way to promote your efforts, so more of your hard-earned money will come to St Michael’s. Include plenty of information about what you are doing and why, and if possible add some pictures to make it more personal. Once you’ve created a page, email the link to your page to all your contacts, and include it in all your publicity and social media sites.
There are several hospices called St Michael’s, so ensure you choose the right one. Look for our dark blue logo and registered charity number (511179).

3. Aim high: Tell people how much you want to raise and approach a generous sponsor first.This will set the bar high and may encourage others to give more! Some businesses are happy to sponsor their employees, and will match any funds you raise. It’s worth asking.

4. Broadcast: Leave sponsorship forms in prominent places, such as the staff room, gym or local notice boards.That way, people will be able to sign up to sponsor you without you being there. Post your online giving link on your social media pages several times: sometimes the first one gets overlooked. Try to aim for the first week of the month: most people are paid at the end of the month, so they will feel more comfortable to donate to you.

5. Ask!: It can be daunting asking people to sponsor you, but remember why you have chosen to fundraise for St Michael’s and be proud of your efforts. Most people are happy to give what they can, so don’t feel guilty about asking.

To discuss raising sponsorship for St Michael’s Hospice, contact the Community Fundraising Team on 01432 851000