On average, one is emptied every day and contains £54, totalling almost £20,000 annually. That’s enough money to pay for a nurse for a year. So next time you see one of our yellow tins, don’t walk by, dig deep: every penny counts!

If you would like to display one of our tins on your premises, contact the Fundraising Team and we’ll have one sent to you. When it’s full, one of our volunteer collectors will bring you an empty one and take away the full one. Once it’s been counted, we’ll send you a certificate showing how much you’ve raised.

Randy Langford (pictured) is the Hospice’s longest serving collecting tins volunteer, and has collected more than £265,000 in donations from those bright yellow tins. The fundraising team at St Michael’s is very, very grateful to him, so if you see him, be sure to say hello!