Form a Lottery syndicate

Why not play the St Michael’s Hospice Lottery with your work colleagues for a share of a weekly first prize of £1000?

Playing is easy

Firstly draw up a list of syndicate members (each member must be aged16 years or over) then decide how much each member wants to pay per week (£1 per go) and the percentage of any prize each member would be entitled to. Appoint a person to manage the syndicate and collect members’ subscription payments, keep a payment record for each member and distributing the winnings.


Before you start playing it is advisable to draw up an agreement which covers the following:

  • The date the agreement was drawn up
  • A list of syndicate members
  • The syndicate manager’s name
  • A statement of what would happen if a member fails to pay on time

The agreement should be signed and dated by each syndicate member and witnessed. If the syndicate membership changes a new agreement should be drawn up. Copies of the agreement should be given to each member, and the original kept in a safe place.

Please note that the actions of the syndicate are entirely its own responsibility and St Michael’s Hospice accepts no liability.

How to purchase

Complete a Lottery application form in the name of the syndicate or syndicate manager, stating how many weeks the syndicate will play for, how many plays per week you want and how you are going to pay. You can download an entry form or apply online.

If you win

We will automatically send the prize cheque in the name of the syndicate or syndicate manager (depending on which you have chosen) to the syndicate manager. It is then down to the syndicate manager to divide the winnings as per your agreement.

For more information about St Michael’s Hospice Lottery please contact the Lottery Manager on 01432 851000