We simply couldn’t continue offering the range of care and support to our patients and their families without the generosity of those businesses in our community who support us.

Working with St Michael’s Hospice can bring many benefits to your organisation, from increased brand awareness and press coverage to staff development and an introduction to new audiences. St Michael’s Hospice is a well-established local charity at the heart of the community: many people in Herefordshire, people like your employees and customers, know of someone who has been cared for at the Hospice. However, only 10% of our funding comes from the NHS; the rest is dependent on the generosity and support of our community. By supporting St Michael’s Hospice, your business is demonstrating its commitment to the important work we do, and is directly helping sustain our services.

If you are interested in finding out more about working in partnership with St Michael’s, or if you would like to make us your Charity of the Year, please contact the Community Fundraising Team on 01432 851 000.

However you choose to support St Michael’s Hospice, we are incredibly grateful for your contribution to the work we do.

Ways to help

Making St Michael’s Hospice your company’s Charity of the Year is an excellent way to:

  • promote your company through news articles linked to charity events
  • provide team-building opportunities
  • encourage your employees to have fun, keep fit and healthy by taking part in some of our organised events and challenges
  • increase footfall at your premises, by organising a charity event such as a Big Tea

How we support our Charity Partners

St Michael’s Hospice will support your company in its fundraising to maximise the benefits to all involved. The Events Team will provide companies with a variety of promotional material including items such as banners; collecting tins and buckets; balloons; merchandise to sell; Hospice fundraiser T-Shirts.

All corporate supporters are given the opportunity to visit our Hospice facilities to learn more about the services and the care that St Michael’s Hospice provides.

Current Charities of the Year 

The following companies have agreed to support St Michael’s Hospice as their Charity of the Year:

To find out more, please contact our Fundraising Team on 01432 851 000 or email events@smhospicehereford.org

Donations can be in a variety of forms:

Monetary gifts

These can be paid before tax is deducted and are the easiest and simplest donation you can make.

Match funding

If your employees are in a payroll giving scheme or looking to organise an event or take part in one of our events, match funding is an excellent way of showing your commitment to your staff and their efforts in caring for others. You agree to match the amount your employee has raised, which doubles the total St Michael’s receives.

Gifts in Kind

Unwanted samples, end-of-line stock or second-hand goods are all examples of the ways in which St Michael’s Hospice can benefit from items you no longer need. Gifts in kind could be sold in our network of charity shops or be used in one of our major fundraising events.

Gifts of shares

Your company could benefit from Corporation Tax relief if it gives land, property or qualifying shares to a charity, or sells them to a charity at less than their market value. For further information on tax implications for your company go to the business section of HM Revenue & Customs website.

Sponsorship opportunities

Sponsoring a Hospice event or fundraising activity is a great way to raise your company’s profile in the local community and build positive awareness of your brand. St Michael’s Hospice has a varied programme of events running throughout the year offering your business many different sponsorship opportunities. We are able to tailor sponsorship packages to suit your needs and budget, and will work closely with you to ensure you achieve your objectives.

St Michael’s Hospice is also able to offer opportunities to sponsor other areas of the organisation, for example, sponsoring Hospice facilities or a page in Messenger – our bi-annual newsletter.

In-Kind sponsorship

Many organisations prefer to support the work of St Michael’s Hospice by offering their services or goods free-of-charge, and if you feel that this may be something your business could offer we would be delighted to hear from you.

There are many things your company can do to help raise funds for St Michael’s Hospice. Here are just a few ideas:

Spare change – put a St Michael’s Hospice collecting tin in your reception/staff room for people to pop in their pennies.

In the office – cake bake, dress up/down days, office bingo, guess the baby photo, sponsored slim. All of these are simple to organise and are great for raising team spirit.

Set a team challenge – enter a team into a St Michael’s Hospice event, such as the Hereford Half Marathon, Paint Runner or the Venus Midnight Walk. See our full programme of events to find which event would best suit your staff.

Volunteer – ask for a team of volunteers to help at Hospice events throughout the year. The Fundraising team rely on volunteers to make all of our events a success and in return they provide a great opportunity to show the community that you care.

Get the bunting out – run a stall at the Hospice Easter Car Boot or Summer Fete. Tombolas and raffles are fun to organise, or you could sell merchandise or crafts.

Take out a bucket – the Fundraising team organises many collection days at supermarkets throughout the county and always need volunteers to help. They are great opportunities to promote your business alongside St Michael’s branding and engage with the local community.

Organise your own event – how about a staff talent show or open day/family fun day? Alternatively, quiz nights, bingo and race evening are always very popular.

Festive spirit – at Christmas ask staff to make donations to St Michael’s Hospice instead of giving each other Christmas cards. We can provide a poster and collecting tin to use, or you could make your own.

The money you raise for St Michael’s Hospice is greatly appreciated and will ensure our patients and their families are cared for and supported at the time they need it most for years to come.

To find out more, please contact our Fundraising Team on 01432 851 000 or email events@smhospicehereford.org

Why not play the St Michael’s Hospice Lottery with your work colleagues for a share of a weekly first prize of £1000?

Playing is easy

Firstly draw up a list of syndicate members (each member must be aged16 years or over) then decide how much each member wants to pay per week (£1 per go) and the percentage of any prize each member would be entitled to. Appoint a person to manage the syndicate and collect members’ subscription payments, keep a payment record for each member and distributing the winnings.


Before you start playing it is advisable to draw up an agreement which covers the following:

  • The date the agreement was drawn up
  • A list of syndicate members
  • The syndicate manager’s name
  • A statement of what would happen if a member fails to pay on time

The agreement should be signed and dated by each syndicate member and witnessed. If the syndicate membership changes a new agreement should be drawn up. Copies of the agreement should be given to each member, and the original kept in a safe place.

Please note that the actions of the syndicate are entirely its own responsibility and St Michael’s Hospice accepts no liability.

How to purchase

Complete a Lottery application form in the name of the syndicate or syndicate manager, stating how many weeks the syndicate will play for, how many plays per week you want and how you are going to pay. You can download an entry form or apply online.

If you win

We will automatically send the prize cheque in the name of the syndicate or syndicate manager (depending on which you have chosen) to the syndicate manager. It is then down to the syndicate manager to divide the winnings as per your agreement.

For more information about St Michael’s Hospice Lottery please contact the Lottery Manager on 01432 851000.