Fundraiser Albie’s 90th birthday surprise

A fundraiser was treated on his 90th birthday when the Herefordshire pub where he has collected thousands for charity threw him a surprise party.

Albert ‘Albie’ Phipps has spent more than a decade donating winnings from his Phat card group at the Moon Inn, Mordiford to St Michael’s Hospice.
In that time around £17,000 has been handed to the Bartestree-based Hospice.

‘It was a lovely surprise,’ said Albie, who now lives in Gwent but still travels to the pub when he can.
‘I get a lot of pleasure from giving this money to St Michael’s, and I’ll continue to raise money for them.’

Albie’s association with the Hospice began years ago when his brother in Wales had cancer.

‘A doctor travelled from St Michael’s to see him,’ he said. ‘He told him he would drive to see him whenever he wanted.
‘From that point on, it was always St Michael’s I wanted to donate to.’

Even when Albie can’t make it to Mordiford, Phat games at The Moon continue with staff ensuring winnings go into the St Michael’s pot. 

Phat is played by four players sitting in two partnerships.
The aim is to score points by winning tricks containing valuable cards.

Lynne Carter, the Hospice’s Income Generation, Marketing and Communications Director, said, ‘We are blessed to have so many people in our community with a generous heart.

‘Albie is one such supporter. His dedication is touching and inspiring.
‘From everyone at St Michael’s, I’d like to wish Albie a Happy Birthday and thank him, and everyone at the Moon Inn, who has helped raise such a fantastic figure over the years.’

Caption: (from left) Celebrating Albie’s 90th birthday at the Moon Inn are Chris Middleton, Karen Davies from the Moon Inn, Albie Phipps and Alan Davies from the Moon Inn, plus Tracey Fortey and Sam Bufton (standing)