Published Tuesday 9th February 2016

Crystal Macangus, Community Champion from Tesco Belmont, said, ‘We want to support our community and St Michael’s Hospice is a place that is so important to local people. Very often we donate end-of-line stock, like Halloween merchandise, and now we have actually seen where it goes and found out about the good it does. It’s been fun getting stuck in and helping an important cause.’

Lead Trade Manager Dominic Stephens said, For me it’s all about giving something back. I wanted to get involved, because of all my colleagues who have been supported by St Michael’s Hospice. Tesco knows a lot about retail, and we are very happy to pass on our knowledge to the Hospice. It’s a perfect way of giving back to the community

Neil Bennett, Fruit and Veg manager said, ‘St Michael’s is known for being an understanding and therapeutic place, and the people who volunteer for retail are just as wonderful. They are selfless people, all working hard to support the charity they love, and it shows in the sense of camaraderie in the store.’

Tesco is looking forward to supporting St Michael’s Hospice on a regular basis and has already organised a Hospice bag pack fundraiser to take place at Tesco Belmont this coming Saturday.