WHEN: | Anytime WHERE: Home, school, community venue or workplace

Get together and raise money for your Hospice by doing something we all love:

drinking tea and eating cake.

You are amazing

So many local families benefit from the care provided by St Michael’s.

So whether you want to prove your baking prowess or buy cakes from your favourite shop, you will be doing your bit.

By asking guests to give a donation for the treats you serve, you’ll become one of our amazing supporters and help our nurses continue providing the best possible care.

Promote your event

Some of our other fundraising superstars ask friends, family and colleagues to promote their event using posters and social media to open their event up to the community.

With the date set and guests invited, you can look forward to enjoying a cuppa and a slice of something delicious while supporting a great cause.

How to sign up

To get involved, contact Gaynor on 01432 852 630 or email gwarren@smhospicehereford.org and she will help you plan your event.

All you need to do is pick a date, choose a venue and invite your guests.

Celebrating the best of British and Eastern European culture

S&A staff from Poland, Lithuania and Bulgaria treated children to the delights of a traditional Eastern European Big Tea with a delicious mix gateaux, cakes and sponges.

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Big Tea

Bringing our community together

How the money you raise is helping us care for families living with a terminal illness

Big Tea

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Bringing our community together

By hosting a Big Tea, whatever the size, you’ll be helping your Hospice to continue supporting local families like Elsie’s, who was cared for at the end of her life by staff at St Michael’s Hospice.

Claire Trumper explains how St Michael’s cared for all her family at a time when they needed it most

‘When it became clear that mum was reaching the end of her life, we all wanted her to be in a loving environment surrounded by friends and family.

‘Any fear dropped away as mum and the rest of the family got the very best compassionate nursing care. Mum’s final few days were full of laughter and even the odd sherry. We feel incredibly privileged but fully appreciate that we couldn’t have managed this without the help of the amazing team at the Hospice.’


St Michael's Hospice: Always a place of light and love

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