Free of charge to Herefordshire and Worcestershire based Healthcare Staff

What is Project ECHO?

  • Project ECHO was developed in the United States to improve the care of patients in under-served areas.
  • Enables the delivery of FREE education and training to large numbers of healthcare providers using cloud based technology and existing resources.
  • St Richard’s, St Michael’s and KEMP Hospices are working together as a specialist ECHO hub centre and will provide training and education sessions via video link to health professionals across Herefordshire & Worcestershire.
  • Project ECHO creates a community of practice that supports service delivery, the sharing of knowledge and support from others working in Health & Social Care to continuously improve to care.

The end of life care (EOLC) strategy aims to improve the choices individuals and their families have at the end of life. In order to achieve this staff must be able to have sensitive conversations with individuals to determine their preferences & wishes to enable them to plan, identify and prioritise care during the final stages of life.
Many Health and Social Care workers frequently experience challenges in accessing structured educational programmes, however Project ECHO can reach out to larger numbers of healthcare professionals, whilst building a virtual community offering ongoing support and advice.

  • Staff attend 90 minute training sessions delivered from the hub centre via video link.
  • Sessions are accessible via laptop, PC, mobile phone via a ZOOM app
  • The project team will provide educational resources & promote discussion focusing on areas where individual care settings feel they need additional training and support.
  • The project team will facilitate shared learning and reflection, linked to practice examples and case studies.
  • ECHO works by acknowledging that we are all learners & teachers, & that working together in this manner improves care outcomes.
  • Complete a registration form & GDPR agreement. You can either save the form and type directly into it, or print and fill in by hand.
  • Please return your completed registration form to
  • The single registration form covers you for all our ECHO programmes

Available Project ECHO Programmes for Spring 2022

See flyers for all current projects available to download at the bottom of this page

This is a new and exciting opportunity to come together to explore current evidence & best practice in Palliative & End of Life care. It provides a safe environment to reflect on & discuss challenges and successes.
All levels of health & social care staff working in any environment are welcome to join the monthly hub.

Sessions will be held on the last Thursday of every month

starting on 24th February 2022, 14.30 – 15.30

• Delivery will be via Zoom – links will be made available to those registered for the Hub
• There will be a guest speaker at each session
• You can attend as many sessions as you wish

For Registered Nurses the hours can be included as interactive CPD hours for
NMC re-validation purposes

Attendance at 6 of these training sessions will provide you with 9 hours of interactive CPD for NMC revalidation purposes.

Week 1 – Definitions / Principles / Recognising Dying
Week 2 – Principles of Symptom Control
Week 3 – Pain
Week 4 – Comfort at End of Life, Mouthcare, Nutrition
Week 5 – End of Life Medication
Week 6 – Resilience


Week 1 – Definitions / Principles / Recognising Dying
Week 2 – Understanding Symptoms at End of Life. Impact on Patient and Others
Week 3 – Assessment & Management of Symptoms
Week 4 – Comfort at End of Life
Week 5 – Communication with Patient, Families and Others
Week 6 – Supporting Self & Others


See Hospice UK website for current ECHO networks you can join. You will need to create an account on the hospice UK site to be able to join

Example networks:

  • Clinical ECHO
  • Covid-19 Business Continuity ECHO
  • Outcome Measures in Practice ECHO
  • Infection Prevention and Control ECHO
  • Palliative / End of life care and Dementia ECHO
  • Innovation ECHO
  • Resilience Based Clinical Supervision ECHO
  • Bereavement Collaboration ECHO