Free of charge to Herefordshire-based Healthcare Staff

What is Project ECHO?

  • Project ECHO was developed in the United States to improve the care of patients in underserved areas.
  • Enables the delivery of education and training to large numbers of healthcare providers using cloud based technology and existing resources.
  • St Richard’s, St Michael’s and KEMP Hospices are working together as a specialist ECHO hub centre and will provide training and education sessions via video link to health professionals across Herefordshire & Worcestershire.
  • Project ECHO creates a community of practice that supports service delivery, sharing of knowledge and support from others working in the nursing home setting to improve access to care.

Why is Project ECHO needed?

  • The end of life care (EOLC) strategy aims to improve the choices residents and their families have at the end of life. In order to achieve this staff must be able to have sensitive conversations with residents to determine their wishes and enable them to plan, identify and act during the final stages of life.
  • Nursing & Residential homes frequently experience challenges in accessing structured educational programmes, however Project ECHO can reach out to larger numbers of healthcare professionals, whilst building a virtual community offering ongoing support and advice.

How does it work?

  • Staff attend 90 minute training sessions delivered from the hub centre via video link.
  • Sessions are accessible via laptop, PC, mobile phone via a ZOOM APP
  • The project team will provide educational resources & promote discussion focusing on areas where individual care settings feel they need additional training and support.
  • The project team will facilitate shared learning and reflection, linked to practice examples and case studies.
  • ECHO works by acknowledging that we are all learners & teachers, & that working together in this manner improves care outcomes.

ECHO Palliative Care Training Programmes for Herefordshire-Based Staff

ECHO Sessions are Free of charge

As part of the ECHO process of building the programmes, cohort participants are asked to choose a curriculum from a ‘menu’ of relevant Palliative and End of Life subjects to ensure their learning needs are addressed so as to make the package as bespoke as possible.

Alongside the clinical subject matter we want to ensure that every participant can benefit from the delivery of practical, local information also.

Attendance at 8 training sessions provides 12 hours CPD in total.

If your organisation does not fit with the planned cohorts below please contact us about future opportunities to get involved.

How do I Enrol?

  • Download a registration form, complete and return to us.
  • We can only offer places to Herefordshire-based staff from the target audience.
  • If there is a particular topic relating to palliative and EOLC that is not covered within the programme, please let us know and we will aim to include it during future sessions.
  • There is no additional coursework to this education programme. We ask that as many key care staff members as possible attend and share the resources with colleagues who are unable to attend.

Autumn 2021 Herefordshire Nursing Home Staff Cohort

11.30 – 13.00 on the following dates:
Fri 12th November
Fri 19th November
Thurs 25th November
Thurs 2nd December
Mon 6th December
Fri 10th December
Fri 17th December
Tues 21st December

Autumn 2021 Care Agency Staff Cohort

14.30 – 16.00 on the following dates:
Fri 19th November
Thurs 2nd December
Fri 17th December
Tues 21st December