Course list

DateCourse Title
25th June 2019Syringe Driver Update (McKinley T34)
4th July 2019Verification of Death Workshop
Including updated National Framework
24th July 2019Syringe Driver Introduction (McKinley T34)
11th September 2019Evidence-Based Palliative and End of Life Care – Principles and Practice
HESC3089 Accredited Module

Launch Day Wednesday 11/09/19
Theory Component Wednesdays 25/09/19 - 13/11/19
Presentations Wednesday 27/11/19
Clinical Practice Days 3 days by January 2020
16th September 2019Syringe Driver Update (McKinley T34)
17th September 2019Improving End of Life Care
for registered nurses
19th September 2019Complex Conversations
1-day Communication Skills Training for Doctors, Senior RNs, CNS, Paramedics, Social Workers
25th September 2019Philosophy and Principles of Palliative Care
Individual Module Session
2nd October 2019Symptom Control in Palliative Care – Overview & Principles
Individual Module Session
3rd October 2019Syringe Driver Introduction (McKinley T34)
9th October 2019Gastrointestinal Symptoms in Palliative Care
Individual Module Session
16th October 2019Clinical Emergencies in Palliative Care
Individual Module Session
21st October 2019Advanced Communication Skills Training
2-day NCAT Accredited Course
Wednesday 12th & Thursday 13th June 2019
Monday 21st & Tuesday 22nd October 2019
23rd October 2019Pain in the Palliative Patient
Individual Module Session
6th November 2019Respiratory Symptoms in Palliative Care
Individual Module Session
13th November 2019End of Life Care – The Final Phase of Life
Individual Module Session