Published Tuesday 15th November 2016

He may not be the most popular man in the world right now, but new US President elect Donald Trump has inadvertently helped out St Michael’s Hospice.

Hospice Angel Mike Pullin came to the rescue of a cyclist who had come off his bike near Llanthony Valley, sustaining a dislocated shoulder.

The cyclist, who is from Hertfordshire, promised a small donation to the Hospice as a thank you for Mike’s help.

But a few days later, Mike received a cheque from the cyclist for £450, which he said was his winnings from a bet he placed on Donald Trump to win the US election.

The amount was Gift Aided to £562.50.

Mike, who is on target to raise £80,000 for the Hospice this year to celebrate his 80th birthday, said he couldn’t believe the donation, which takes the amount raised by the Hospice Angels in 2016 to £73,464.

‘I had just returned home from visiting the Little Acorns Day Nursery in Kingstone, where I met a lot of excited young children who are making a Christmas donation to St Michael’s.

‘When I returned, I opened the post and to my great surprise, found the small donation that was promised turned out to be a donation worth £562.50.

‘I’d like to send a big thank you to the cyclist for his very generous donation, which will help us towards our £80,000.

‘It’s just another reason why I fundraise for the Hospice because it means I meet so many generous people.’