Published Friday 5th June 2015

Eleven-year-old twins, Jess and Vikki Heath thought of the idea as a way of remembering their grandad, Ian Tyson, from Luston, who died at St Michael’s Hospice in January 2015 aged

Jess Heath said, ‘My sister wanted to go on a cycling holiday, and we came up with the idea of riding 73-miles, one mile for each year of grandad’s life. We visited the Hospice every Sunday and at Christmas time they made us the most delicious hot chocolate. I thought the idea of 73-years by bike was a perfect way of saying thank you to the staff at the Hospice for looking after my family.’

Jess’s mum Ally Heath said ‘The staff always made us feel so special, they gave Jess and Vikki some teddy bears that Grandad said could remind them of him. The bears became a big part of their life. They made a book about them with photos and it meant they could show grandad all their adventures. The book and the bears also gave us the opportunity to take photographs of the family when we were together in the Hospice. Those pictures have all become very special and it’s all thanks to St Micahel’s.’

Nicola Lloyd, Community Fundraising Assistant, said, ‘We are so grateful to Jess, Vikki and Ally for all they have done for us. It’s because of people supporting us like this that we can provide the best possible care for many more local families.’

There will be a chance for more people to use pedal power to support their Hospice on Sunday July 21st at this year’s Wheelie Big Cycle event. For more information about the 32, 60 and 93 miles routes plus the Wheelie Little Cycle, call the St Michael’s Hospice Events Team on 01432 851000