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Clinical Emergencies in Palliative Care


Who is it for?

Qualified health care staff engaged in the care of individuals in the palliative or end stage of life.

Course available for face to face or remote video call attendance.

Course content

Even within the context of palliative care some situations are emergencies. What are they? Can we prevent them? How do we manage them? What consequences do they hold? The aim of this session is to address these questions and explore practical and non-practical issues which need to be considered.  

• Hypercalcaemia of Malignancy  

• Superior Vena Cava Obstruction  

• Haemorrhage  

• Fits  

• Malignant Spinal Cord Compression  

• Fractures 

Tuesday 25th October 2022
Attend a.m. or p.m. session, or attend full day.

Clinical Emergencies in Palliative Care 09.30 – 12.30
Identifying and Managing the Final Phases of Life 13.30 – 16.30

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  • Tuesday 25th October 2022
  • (Day-6 a.m. Clinical Aspects of Palliative Care 2022)
  • 09.30 - 12.30
  • £45 Half Day (£65 to attend a.m. and p.m. sessions)