Published Thursday 25th June 2015

The Contact Course helps students with learning difficulties to develop the skills needed for independent living, making choices and the world of work. The course includes communication and numeracy skills as well as social and life skills. There is a strong emphasis on creativity, through art and design, media and performing arts.

The sale was organised in order to raise money for charity, while also giving students the opportunity to put into practice skills they have been learning on the part-time two year course. These included money handling, customer service skills and marketing. The charity was chosen by student Jessica Dallow, whose father was supported by the Hospice before he died two years ago. Jess still receives support from St  Michael’s and wanted to repay the help they have given her and her family.

Students were supported by staff and friends who donated money, cakes and supplies. Jess’ mum made some cakes, and Asda, Co-op Bobblestock, Poundworld, Poundland and the Butter Market Sweet Stall all donated produce for the students to sell.

Paddy visited the College on Thursday 25th June to receive a cheque for £170 from the sale, and he told the students more about the Hospice and how their money would help support activities for young people who have been affected by bereavement.

‘Our students did a fantastic job with the sale,” said Sally Ware, Tutor at the College. ‘We didn’t expect to raise so much money, so we’re extra proud of them and very grateful to everyone at the College for supporting the event. The students really benefit from experiences like this, and we’re delighted to support such an important local charity.’