Bereavement walks at Queenswood

Monthly gathering for anyone who has been bereaved

‘Walking is man’s best medicine’ – so said Hippocrates, the Ancient Greek pioneer.

Few would disagree with the renowned physician’s assertion, particularly a group that meets regularly at one of Herefordshire’s most popular beauty spots.

Open to anyone who has been bereaved, whether they have accessed services at St Michael’s Hospice or not, Striders & Strollers is a monthly gathering for all ages, with the group enjoying a gentle walk around Queenswood Country Park, between Hereford and Leominster.

Those attending enjoy the company of others and the chance to round off the walk with a hot drink and a slice of cake in the Queenswood Cafe. One of the regulars is Margaret who began attending the walks just over a year ago after her husband, Jim, died and she says she expects to continue.

‘It’s been a lifeline to me,’ said Margaret, who brings along her five-year-old Labrador, Caz. ‘You know that your fellow walkers know exactly how you feel because they are going through the same thing.’

The walks are held each month with a longer walk, away from Queenswood, also held regularly. There is no time limit to the group, with some regulars having attended for around two years. Shirley Young, a Social Worker at St Michael’s, is one of those who leads the walks.

‘There is no pressure whatsoever to talk about your loss; the topic of conversation can range from the weather to your favourite book or TV programme. ‘But we find that those who join us build up a friendship with many of their fellow walkers, leading to them returning each month.’

Striders & Strollers is free to take part in, but parking charges apply at Queenswood.

To find out more call Shirley on 01432 851 000.