Terms and Conditions
1.Each team must pay their entry fees by the correct date before they can take part in the tournament.
2.Teams will be aged in the Junior tournament as of the 2021/22 season.
3.All squads can have a maximum of 8 players with rolling substitutions. Junior squads with more than 8 players can only use two subs per game.
4.Teams must be ready on their pitch two minutes before the scheduled kick off time. Teams that arrive late may not get a full 10 minute game.
5.In all cases where the referee decides there is a colour clash the team named as ‘Team 1’ will change. Bibs are available from the registration tent.
6.The adult team named as ‘Team 1’ will supply the match ball.
7.There will be no offside.
8.The points system will work as follows a) The winning team will be awarded 3 points b) Drawing teams will be awarded 1 point each c)Losing teams will not be awarded points
9.When deciding the position of teams in the group stages and also the best third-place teams, the first placed team will be that with the highest number of points. In situations where more than one team has the same number of points the position will be decided by: a) The number of goals scored, then b) The team with the best goal difference c) If teams are still in the same position then a coin toss will decide which team is placed higher
10.During the knockout stages; if after normal playing time the score is equal the game will go into 2 minutes of extra time where a golden goal will decide the winner. If no golden goal is scored the match will be decided by kicks from the penalty spot (best of 3 followed by sudden death).
11.The duration of the matches will be 10 minutes.
12.All players must be named on the team sheets and these must be handed to the registration staff prior to the tournament starting.
13.Teams that do not turn up for a match will forfeit that match. The winner will be awarded 3 point and be awarded the highest number of goals any other team has scored against that side.
14.The referee shall be the sole arbiter on points of dispute on the field of play and will be empowered to interpret the rules governing six-a-side football in the best interests of all concerned. Referees will be empowered to give yellow and red cards for abusive behaviour.
15.If a player is sent off, he/she will miss the next match. They will be able to play again after the missed match. In the case of violent or abusive conduct, the player, or players, may be banned from the rest of the tournament.
16.Players and managers must be aware that all bookings will be dealt with by the HFA as normal.
17.All players must wear shin pads to play in the tournament.
18.With the exception of the rules above, the rules of the Football Association will apply.
19.In all matters arising that are not specifically covered by these rules the competitions organising Committee shall be the sole judge
20.Entry fees are non-refundable unless the event is cancelled by the Event Organisers
21.All teams must submit a completed player registration form (supplied after registration) prior to playing