Terms and conditions

1. Participants must submit an official registration form with the correct non-refundable registration fee.
2. All ages are welcome to take part in Paint Summer, but children must be supervised by a responsible adult
3. COVID-19: Participants must ensure they are following current UK government guidelines and practice safe social distancing measures.
4. Participants taking part in St Michael’s Hospice virtual events do so entirely at their own risk and are solely responsible for selecting a safe place to hold their event.
5. We strongly advise that all participants wear appropriate footwear, clothing eyewear and (if required) a facemask.
6. The paint should only be thrown on private land where the owner has given permission.

Powdered paint
1. The ‘paint’ is a mix of corn starch and talc dyed with food-grade colouring. It can be inhaled in small quantities without adverse affects, but we’d recommend those with asthma to seriously think about the potential effect of airborne powdered paint and their conditions.
2. If you’ve had skin reactions to powdered paint previously, we’d recommend a test patch at least 48 hours prior to the event, by using your paint pouch provided as part of your entry pack.
3. This product is meant to be thrown directly onto the body, avoiding the face.
4. St Michael’s Hospice suggests that participants should wear old white clothing. St Michael’s Hospice is not responsible for the staining of clothing.
5. St Michael’s Hospice requests that participants avoid throwing paint close to vehicles and technical equipment.
6. Please see the following symptoms and effects the paint may cause. St Michael’s Hospice is not liable for any adverse effects:
Ingestion: This is not allowed, however if this does occur, the participant should drink plenty of water.
Inhalation: If the paint is inhaled, the participant should remove themselves from the area into fresh air.
Participants with asthma or any other respiratory conditions are asked to strongly consider if it suitable for them to take part. If you are concerned, but wish to take part, use a bandana or dust mask to cover your mouth. Skin Contact: The paint may cause temporary stain on the skin. This will wash off with soap and water. Eyes: If the paint should come into contact with the eyes, participants should flush eyes with plenty of water. Participants who wear contact lenses are recommended to exercise extra caution.
St Michael’s Hospice recommends that eye protection is worn.