A sign of generosity from Herefordshire & Ludlow College

A new carpentry machine set to benefit college students across Herefordshire and beyond has already paid dividends for St Michael’s Hospice.

Around 15 wooden signs each bearing the name of a different county village have been created by the computer-controlled cutting device called a CNC machine at Herefordshire & Ludlow College on Folly Lane in Hereford.

The oak signs are a donation to St Michael’s and will shortly be placed in the Hospice’s flowerbeds which are each named after villages across the county.

‘It was a pleasure doing them,’ said Peter Morgan, the Timber Technician at the College who created the signs. 

‘It’s great to be doing something for such a good cause. It also shows us what this machine is capable of.’

The idea for the signs was the brainchild of Volunteer Gardeners at St Michael’s, including Harry North.

‘Instead of just numbering the flowerbeds I thought it would be a good idea to name them after Herefordshire villages,’ said Harry.

‘So, we approached the College and it went from there.

‘We’re very grateful to them. The signs look great.’ 

CAPTION: (from left) Peter Morgan, Timber Technician at Herefordshire & Ludlow College, and Harry North, one of the Hospice’s Volunteer Gardeners.